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F STUDIO blossomed as a business idea from three enthusiastic fashion design students who have an endless passion for sustainability. 

The fashion and creative art industry in general, has evolved using a linear model, often expressed as "take, make, and waste”, which have led to different forms of environmental pollution today.


At F STUDIO, we are creating a platform to raise awareness and contribute to problem-solving the overproduction and overconsumption of fashion itemsFurthermore,  F STUDIO team also hope to inspire and introduce you to promising emerging talents in the ever-changing fashion and creative art industry.




Up until now,  F STUDIO is working toward supporting the slow production movement, enhancing seamless product transparency, promoting a circular economy, and more importantly, embracing niche talents.




With slow production, F STUDIO is focused on quality rather than quantity, on creating small scale (make-to-order or pre-order) rather than mass manufacture, on supplying timeless, unique items that last and don't chase after rapidly changing trends. Thus, to avoid excessive production and overconsumption.

For product transparency, F STUDIO members and our collaborators are ensured to understand how our products are supplied, made and distributed. Understanding the production guidelines gives us a chance to see whether the products are made with a minimal amount of wastes, as well as where the fabric originality and how the labor contributes, in order to reduce the supply chain & production emissions.


Moreover, F Studio’s business model aims to reinforce the concept of the circular economy. We strive to build an engaging community for young designers to meet and collaborate. F STUDIO believe, collaboration is the future in all creative industries. Therefore we want to create an uplifting, collaborative, and inspiring environment through F STUDIO.



After countless hours of researching and experimenting, F STUDIO is dedicated to delivering several sustainable solutions such as decompose materials, upcycling products, and bringing you to the digital fashion world. 


Although F STUDIO agree we are not yet 100% sustainable business, but we can say F STUDIO is trying our best to achieve our goals in making positive contributions to the planet's well-being. Positively impacting the fashion industry is what we all aim to look at.


And we believe that our vision is strong enough to make it work!